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About Great Bear Boatworks

Great Bear Boatworks is founded on the idea that there are few things in life sweeter than spending time on the water in wooden boats. And there is no better time to own a wooden boat. Modern wooden boat construction produces fast, light, and strikingly beautiful craft that will bring joy to generations of devoted boaters. And with thousands of designs available, there is literally a boat for every purpose and passion. 

Great Bear Boatworks partners with designers around the world and specializes in building lightweight kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and ultra-fast rowing and sailing craft using contemporary wooden boat building materials and techniques. The results are truly remarkable. And because most of our boats are built to order, you have the freedom to choose a design that will fit your needs and to customize many elements to create a personalized masterpiece. Located in the high mountain valleys of eastern Utah, Great Bear Boatworks builds and delivers boats for customers throughout the west.

Transformative experiences on the water are not just about the boat, however. For this reason, Great Bear Boatworks offers workshops to orient you in the use, care, and maintenance of your new craft, ensuring many years of safe, enjoyable, and high-performing experiences in a boat that will get your heart pumping and turn heads. And for those who are looking for a lasting adventure, we also offer boatbuilding classes where you learn how to build a boat of your choice.

We invite you to contact us today to discuss your dream boat.

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