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In addition to building boats on contract, we have a small selection of boats that we build on spec. See below for our current inventory. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or to schedule a test outing.



A solo version of the Savo 650D, the 575S is a fast, stable, beautiful Finnish rowing machine. With comparable performance characteristics to the 650D, the 575S is lighter and shorter, making it more appropriate for a single rower. Car-toppable and fast, the 575S is a great year-round trainer, smooth recreational tourer, and voluminous expedition boat.


The Savo is changing the way American wooden boat builders think about performance-oriented rowing craft.




Ruud van Veelen's Savo 650D is an incredibly versatile Finnish sliding seat rowing design. A high-performing open-water racing boat, the Savo is equally well-suited to a sunrise recreational row or two week coastal expedition. This same design has won many rowing titles in its native Finland, cruised Maine, and competed in the Race to Alaska.

Two boats in one, this particular design can be rowed as a single or double.




Ken Bassett’s Firefly is a recreational pulling boat with the performance to thrill sliding-seat rowers and kindly enough manners and adequate freeboard to keep them dry when the sea-state becomes lively.


Equally important, she is a delight to look at.

Custom Build Available

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